oVirt CI Jobs running ovirt-system-tests

One of the main benefits of OST is using it in a CI environment, where you can catch regressions before a release
is done.

Currently the oVirt Jenkins server has a few jobs which run ovirt-system-tests on various flows per version.

ovirt-system-tests jobs

Trigger/Frequency: Running nightly on latest oVirt snapshot RPMs, example for master oVirt master nightly repos
Link: ovirt-system-tests-jenkins-view

These jobs are using oVirt packages which are built per commit and published nightly via the publishers jobs
Note: since the experimental jobs are running on newer packages, these jobs might be obsolete soon since they are running on non-verified published RPMs.

ovirt-system-tests check-patch

Trigger/Frequency: Running on each OST patch, using latest.tested oVirt experimental RPMs(see next section for info)
Link: ovirt-system-tests-check-patch

The 'check-patch' OST job is using the 'standard CI' to run the OST suites on each new OST patch.
Usually the job will run on the updated suite which is modified in the patch itself, but if any of the 'common' files
will be changed, all 'basic' suites will run as well to make sure a regression wasn't added to a common file.