oVirt System Tests Framework Introduction

oVirt system tests is a testing framework written in python and uses
the python SDK oVirt has in order to run end-to-end system tests on any bare metal server with the minimum requirements

The framework includes various 'test suites' while each one is targeted on different packages of oVirt.
Currently available suites includes:
Basic sanity (install engine, add hosts, install VM, storage, migration,etc...) Hosted Engine (install hosted engine and performs various actions on it) * Next Generation Node (install engine on NGN as hypervisor and run similar tests to basic suite)

The framework runs on a single bare metal host, running virtual
machines created by a project called Lago.

The framework serves various purposes and scenarios, to name a few:
Allows any developer or even a user to run system-level test on his laptop, w/o
needing a complex CI system.
Allows running system (end-to-end) tests in CI in order to catch regressions before oVirt is released.
* Allows easy POC or demos for customers or users to try out oVirt or any other product.