Performance Suite


This suite makes it possible to configure the setup size. It lets you set the number of host (2 by default for almost all suites) and/or VMs, using environment variable or vars/main.yml The outcome is the ability to run system tests on large setup i.e 100/5000 hosts/vms or 300/300 all depending on the setup type. If you are short on resources you can make the hosts and VMs run on ovirt-vdsmfake, again using environment variable (see Usage)

It makes very much sense to port those dynamic features to the basic suite, but this first this suite needs to fully prove it self useful


The suite is soft-linking almost all of the basic-suite files and just adds a test scenario which does: - deploy collectd + fluentd, forwarding to the engine machine - create a working setup with configurable num of hosts/vms - Save the fluentd outfile with all the events - that can be uploaded to ElasticSearch for analysis(basic-suite-master already has that)

  • Configure the number of hosts to deploy using vars/main.yml
# cat performance-suite-master/vars/main.yml
hostCount: 2
  • Configure the number of Hosts using environment variable
# OST_HOST_COUNT=100 ./ performance-suite-master
  • Configure the number of VMs using environment variable
# OST_VM_COUNT=1000 ./ performance-suite-master
  • Run with ovirt-vdsmfake (no need to create a VM per deployed hosts, i.e 1 VM is needed for the execution)
# OST_USE_VDSMFAKE=1 ./ performance-suite-master